Hi, I'm Savvy

I am a photographer from Destin, Florida. I have a son named Jax and he is my world!

I have always had a love for photography and finally decided it was time to start my business. I have had my business since 2020. I teach preschool and during covid, we were out for a few months so I decided to grab a camera and see if I could take this hobby further. Making people smile and feel their best self is so special to me. Capturing moments that we don't want to forget is what I'm here for.

I've recently lost someone very close in our family, throughout this process it has given me a more clear eye on just how important pictures are. Every picture we have of him, it takes us to that memory and can put a little smile on our face from that time. The memories with those pictures seem so clear and I'm forever thankful for that. And that is what I am for - meaning behind the pictures. Pictures that tell a story. <3